Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Eyebrow, you brow...

My first post on EyelineHer, so I thought I'd better make it a good one! And where better to start than eyebrows?

Losing eyebrows, whether totally or partially, is for many just as big a deal as losing their hair, and it's not hard to see why. Eyebrows provide some key structure to your face, and unless you've fallen victim to a 'hilarious' shaving prank in the past, you won't have ever imagined yourself without them. So why not draw the little deserters right back on?

For a realistic look, the absolute key is a combination of powder and pencil (as opposed to just pencil, as many women use). Done right, faux-brows will look almost as good as the real thing, and will stay put for pretty much 24 hours. This video explains how - enjoy!

Products used: 

  • Mono Eyeshadow in Brown and Black by Rimmel London
  • Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Black-Brown by Rimmel London
  • SheLaq makeup sealant by Benefit 


  1. Hi, my name´s Erica from Brazil. Your videos helped me so much. Sorry my english is bad. I hope you have understood me.
    God bless you
    And a big hug for you!

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